The difference between a freelancer and a web design company

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The moment you decided to start a business and you want to be present in the online environment there are some important choices you have to make. One of these choices regards the way you want to build you visual identity in the online environment, namely if you want to pay a web design company to build your website or if you want to call a freelancer working in this field.

Before making this extremely important step you have to know that in both of those situations you will face advantages as well as disadvantages. All you have to do the moment you decide is to relate to your specific situation and see which way the balance tilts.

We will try and help you regarding this decision you have to make and provide you with 3 big advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The advantages of a collaboration with a web design company

There are certain situations, in which you can resort to a web design company to build you a website, and when you can’t decide what to choose, we advise you to take into account the following:

  1. Safety/ Guarantee

A web design company will always offer you extra guarantee because all the activity is based on signing a contract that stipulates certain provisions. Also, a company represents a legal unit, which is far easier to check regarding recommendations and portfolio.

  1. Resources/ Number of people involved in your project

A serious web design company is based on an entire organizational structure. Within it, there are certain professionals and specialists in particular fields, a thing which will radically reduce the time for your project to be completed and will also maximize the efficiency while making the project.

  1. Experience/ Level of seniority

Most often, a legal entity will be formed only after its members will be professionals and have enough experience to succeed in managing the company and face the potential problems by providing the optimal solutions.

However, there are also disadvantages you have to take into account when working with a web design company.

The disadvantages of a collaboration with a web design company 

  1. Price

Often, it happens that the price differs greatly from one company to another, but the price difference between a company and a freelancer it is already certain. A company has to pay monthly expenses with maintenance, employees, taxes and all the other payments so that the price a company asks for a project will be considerably higher.

  1. Delivery time

A company will have several ongoing projects at the same time and their prioritization might affect you, as the final stage of the project might be reached later, after a longer period.

  1. The approach – more graphic/ standardized

It is possible that the projects made through a web design company have to follow certain standards, without focusing on the new and creativity as the company is already used to run hundreds of projects in a smaller time frame. Also, as they have some predefined ideas and knowledge gained through time, they tend to reuse some concepts to ease their work.

But when you want to invest in a website, and you don’t have a big budget and you don’t want something extremely complicated, we think there’s a solution through compromise. Of course, we are not totally objective when we say this, but we will always recommend a web design company instead of a freelancer.

Therefore, we will present you the advantages and disadvantages of this situation.

The advantages of collaborating with a freelancer 

  1. Price

The most visible advantage when working with a freelancer might be the price. Most often, a freelancer works alone, from home thus avoiding any extra expenses and making you a much more advantageous offer financially speaking.

  1. More synthesized and focused approach

A freelancer will have time and peace to work in his own rhythm so that he can be more efficient and most of the times, more creative. In this way, he will be able to achieve greater results than a web design company, most of the times.

  1. Delivery time

A freelancer will be more careful when working on your project and give it more time as he won’t be involved in many projects.

These are few of the advantages you have to take into account if you want to work with a freelancer, but it’s a must that we present you the disadvantages as well.

The disadvantages of collaborating with a freelancer

  1. Lack of authority/ lack of a legal unit’s guarantee

Most of the times you will find the freelancer via special platforms, but you will not work with him through a company so that you’ll lack the guarantee and the authority of a company, elements that usually indicate seriousness.

  1. Lack of a consolidated team

This thing can be a disadvantage in certain situations because the lack of a team might also mean lack of vision or the failure to manage a risk situation. When you are alone you’re thinking only from your perspective, missing the great picture most of the times.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of both situations. All there’s left for you to do is ti adapt them to your situation and see the optimal solution for you. If you still believe a web design company to be the perfect solution, Baboon is at your service, not only with tips but also with professional services.


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